Sunfish Fleet 680

About the Sunfish

Hailed as "the most popular sailboat ever built," the Sunfish is still going strong after more than fifty years. Its popularity is partly due to its low price and easy portability, but it also sails well and is a lot of fun for both beginners and experienced sailors alike. This is a daysailer for active sailing, as it's mostly a single-handed boat. You're likely to get wet unless the water is flat and the wind is light, but for sheer fun and ease of sailing, the Sunfish is terrific. As long as you remember to move your body (the ballast) when you tack and gybe, you really can't go wrong with a Sunfish.

Source: Tom Lochhaas, Sailor & Author


  • LOA 13' 9"

  • Beam 4' 1"

  • Draft 2' 11"

  • Weight 120 lbs.

  • Main 75 sq. ft.

  • Crew 1-2

Fleet Captain - Dick Tillman


Mobile: 321-759-2608

Fleet Captain's Message

Welcome 2020 Wawasee Sunfish sailors! The early spring was rudely interrupted by COVID-19. But hopefully, and prayerfully, this scourge will have spent its course by the time our Sunfish sailing season begins on May 23rd and ends on September 5th. We will be racing every Saturday morning beginning at 10:00. Then the finale occurs on September 11-13, the Sunfish US Masters Championship, organized and sailed on Lake Wawasee.

Racing in the Masters will be like a final exam for our Wawasee Sunfish Fleet, and especially our new members. We have all summer to learn new things, make new friends, and practice, practice, practice. Indeed, we have several new sailors and with our core group of experienced racers, it will be a great opportunity to learn and advance our sailing skills, and then to test them in the final event.

The US Masters is a fun, competitive event for many, and will be a fun experience for all. The NOR (Notice of Race) is posted on, where you can enter, see who is coming and follow the competition to the end. Thirty off the lake sailors are expected, beginning with the 40 year olds and extending to the over 80 group. With our 10-15 regular sailors, it could be one of the largest events our club has held.

WYC members, known for gracious hospitality and organizing fun regattas, can enjoy hosting the visiting sailors over the 3 day period. Brad Wagnon (765) 749-8556) is the Sunfish Masters regatta chairman ( Please give Brad and Daphne all the support you can. We are fortunate to have been chosen to host this event and it will be fun putting it on.

We will need volunteers to help with the regatta. Please let Brad know if you would be willing to help out with the regatta or host out of town sailors.

We will also need a few boats for charter for the regatta. Please also let Brad know if you have a good boat that could be available.

So welcome new sailors, beginners, youths, as well as you who have been racing for several years. Last year was a year of renewal for Fleet 669 and this year should be a solid building year. Don’t forget to join the Sunfish Class at

Dick Tillman, Fleet Captain


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