Club Rules


The Wawasee Yacht Club is a cooperative organization. Each member is asked to help with the many jobs that need to be done, including opening and closing the facility each year. There are contractors hired for many tasks, including weekly cleaning, grass cutting and leaf removal and seasonal pier maintenance. Please help the club keep expenses low by helping when possible.

Waterfront Safety

  • All Indiana water safety laws shall be observed.
  • All children shall be supervised by an adult while swimming.
  • Stay out from underneath of boats while suspended from hoist.
  • Club owned power boats are to be used for authorized racing events only.

Club Use

The club house and other facilities are for the use of the membership. The loft area is for storage of sails and gear by members paying dock and harbor fees. The last member to leave the club at night is asked to be responsible for turning off all lights and locking the windows and doors. The club facilities are not for lease to outside groups for parties or meetings. Smoking is prohibited inside any building. Any and all decorations desired to be installed or used in the club must go through approval of the decorations committee.


Pets must be on a leash or appropriate restraining devise at all times and are not to be left alone or unsupervised. They are not allowed in the Club House or the Crews Quarters at any time. No pets may be on the grounds overnight. Their owner’s are responsible for picking up and removing any waste from the grounds.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages may be bought or sold on Wawasee Yacht Club property and are permitted only as private property.

Crews Quarters

The rooms are reserved for use by members in good standing which pay the annual fee as set by the board of directors. Room assignments will be made each spring based on seniority rankings set forth in the by-laws. Each family shall provide their own bedding, curtains, furnishings and additional floor coverings, and be responsible for cleaning the room Members may spend no more than two weeks vacation per season at the club without permission from the Board of Directors.

Parking Guidelines

  • Park only on Wawasee Yacht Club property, especially utilizing the back lot behind the apartment building. When using the parking spaces in the back lot please be sure to pull your vehicle all the way to the edge of the parking area. This will allow us to take full advantage of this space.
  • Keep cars clearly off of the road.
  • Please move all trailers off WYC property during the sailing season.
  • Assist WYC guests (and members when necessary) in parking in the correct locations.
  • Please do not park in the Clubhouse lawn.

Hoist Operating Guidelines

  1. The WYC Hoist is reserved for Club Members Only.
  2. Verify power is turned on at the circuit breaker in the Club House and GFI outlet at base of hoist has not been tripped.
  3. Ensure hoist hook is securely attached to the boats lifting mechanism.
  4. Make sure hoist operator is standing on land and NEVER in the water.
  5. Make certain that people are standing clear of boat at all times while hoist is in operation.
  6. Never stand under a boat while suspended from the hoist.
  7. Slowly move hoist over the water or trailer while keeping the boat under control with the bow line.
  8. Be mindful to not damage rigging on hoist arm while raising or lowering boat.
  9. When finished attach hook to guide rope and raise above head level.
  10. Position hoist arm and hook away from launch area and secure guide rope to a fixed object.